Atlanta Pet Photography

Being an Atlanta Pet Photographer, William Twitty understands that your pet is a member of your family.

With his experience photographing dogs, cats, and even the occasional larger animal William understands pets and knows how to work with them. He is able to capture the attention of each pet he photographs, and create a portrait that truly shows your dog or cat's unique personality.

During an Atlanta Pet Photography session William takes the time to get to know your pet and really bond with him or her.? Making sure that each animal feels comfortable, and isn't stressed or upset. William wants every pet to feel 100% comfortable with him as their? photographer before he even opens his camera bag.

Once your dog and I get to know each other I?ll switch into Atlanta Dog Photographer mode and I?ll make sure to capture not only the external cuteness of your dog, but also your dog?s unique personality. In order to make sure that your dog has a great time during their Atlanta Dog Photography session, let?s plan your photo shoot in a location that is conducive to your animal companion having a fantastic time!

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