Three important details to remember when choosing a photographer

Picking a professional photographer can sometimes be a daunting task. The good news is, it doesn’t always have to be! Summing up your decision can be simplified in three easy and practical points. I hope this proves to be a …

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Portrait Series: “The People I Met on the Path to Myself”

For some time now I have been facing a bit of a creative photography block. Actually, more like several blocks that make up a large wall. This tends to happen to lots of different types of creatives. Especially people like me who were not always the creative type before discovering their craft. So, I decided to take this dilemma and convert its frustrations into creative energy. Thus is born a series of portraits I have named, People I Met on the Path to Being Myself.

This idea came to me when facing the wall of many creative blocks. Reflecting on why I felt stuck in my photography process, I dove inward to find that motivation. In doing so, I contemplated on who I am as a person and how I came to be. How do we come to be ourselves; in the present, in this moment? I believe a big piece of that endless puzzle is the people we meet along the path; family, friends and even enemies. We all tend to reflect many tiny ?blocks? of the people we become. In this series I will be focusing on my friends and some family to represent the positive influence of shaping me.?A full gallery will be available when the series is complete.?

Atlanta Portrait Photographer Atlanta Portrait Photographer Atlanta Portrait Photographer


My good friend Severo is among the first installments in this series. An influential and talented individual, Severo has been an inspiring friend in recent years. His passion for gaming and model building have helped many people. He has been a founding member of multiple social groups that have given a creative outlet for many model building enthusiasts who have had difficulty with depression and finding a sense of community. Severo has been a great example to many in showing that no matter what your passion is, we all have the faculties for compassion and helping others in many ways. All we have to do is try.